LED Lighting

LED Back Light

  • Silhoutte opaque objects.
  • Check for homogeneity in translucent materials.
  • Use in combination with a polarizer over the back light and a polarizer in front of the camera lens to check for scratches and other defects in transparent materials.
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LED Ring Light

  • The most common machine vision light.
  • Provides relatively even illumination for diffuse surfaces.
  • Use a polarized ring light and a polarizer in front of the camera lens for imaging specular surfaces.
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LED Spot Light

  • One or more spot lights can be used to create a variety of solutions.
  • Position on axis with the camera to provide contrast between reflective and diffused surfaces.
  • Position at a 45° for diffused lighting.
  • Position at an oblique angle to highlight surface geometries.


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LED Bar Light

  • Ideal for long distance and large area inspection
  • Commonly used for edge or defect detection
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LED Area Array Light

Under Development

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LED Dark Field

  • Provides oblique illumination of the object to highlight surface geometry or surface deformations.
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LED Dome Light

Under Development

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LED Direct On Axis

Under Development

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LED Line Lights

Under Development

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