National InstrumentsNI EVS-1463RT 781250-01

  • Operating System: Real-Time OS

  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz

  • System Memory: 2 GB

  • Storage Memory: 1 GB

  • Camera Link Base Inputs: 1

  • Firewire B Inputs: None

  • Trigger Inputs: 4

  • Quadrature Encoder Inputs: 2

  • TTL Input Channels: None

  • TTL Output Channels: None

  • Isolated Input Channels: 2

  • Isolated Output Channels: None


Embedded Vision:

  • Real-time machine vision system
  • High performance, multicore processor, 2 GB RAM for fast inspections and large images
  • Connectivity to multiple cameras for simultaneous inspections (GigE Vision and Base- Camera Link)
  • Configure with Vision Builder for Automated Inspection or program with the Vision Development Module
  • Reliable, rugged, industrial system with no moving parts (fanless and solid-state hard drive)
  • High I/O count for sychronization and industrial communication

Product Accessories