• Interface: GigE Vision POE

  • Format: 35 mm

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount

  • Mega Pixels: 26

  • Resolution: 5120 x 5120

  • FPS: 4

  • Sensor Type: CMOS Global Shutter

  • Sensor: PYTHON 25K-NIR

  • Pixel Pitch (µm): 4.5 X 4.5

  • L X W X H (mm): 30 X 59 X 59

  • Temp. Range: -20 to 65 °C

  • Auto Iris: None

Lens mount sold separately, suggested lens mount P/N G2-AM42-MOUNT4.

The Genie Nano XL, a member of the Genie Nano camera family, provides a new series of very high resolution, affordable, easy to use digital cameras specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring improved network integration.

Genie Nano XL cameras use the industries’ latest leading sensors such as the On-Semi Python series of global shutter active pixel-type CMOS image sensors.

Genie Nano cameras combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology (supporting GigE Vision 1.2) with the Teledyne DALSA Trigger-to-Image-Reliability framework to dependably capture and transfer images from the camera to the host PC. Genie Nano cameras are available in a number of models implementing different sensors, image resolutions, and feature sets, either in monochrome or color versions.


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