• Interface: Ethernet IP POE

  • Format: 1/1.3 in.

  • Lens Mount: CS-Mount

  • Mega Pixels: 2

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

  • FPS: 30

  • Sensor Type: CMOS Global Shutter

  • Sensor: IMX-174

  • Pixel Pitch (┬Ám): 5.86 X 5.86

  • L X W X H (mm): 109.7 X 44 X 29

  • Note: None

  • Auto Iris: DC Iris Drive

This network camera is the ideal camera for ITS applications: Basler's BIP2-1920-30c IP camera with Sony IMX174 sensor and cutting-edge global shutter technology, including uncompressesd images. The camera also offers high frame rates (30fps) and Full HD resolution.

The Sony IMX174 sensor delivers a wide dynamic range across a board range, ensuring effective simultaneous reproduction of dark sections, such as the driver, and lighter areas, such as heavily reflective license plates. This is a huge step forward for many ITS applications, which cope with fluctuating lighting conditions.


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